Tears Naturale® P.M.

Do you have dry eye when you wake up in the morning?

Then Tears Naturale® P.M. Lubricant Eye Ointment is for you. When you have dry eye, nighttime protection and lubrication can be just as important as during the daylight hours. Many conditions can inhibit the production of tears or may allow ocular moisture to evaporate more quickly than it can be replaced. Eye drops, even those with high viscosity (they're very thick), may not last through the night.

For long-lasting dry eye protection

Tears Naturale® P.M. is a lubricant that prevents further irritation and can relieve dryness of the eye. It forms a smooth, protective film that provides protection and comfort that lasts a long time. Such immediate and long-lasting protection means that you can awaken without the stinging, burning and grittiness so often associated with dry eye.

Protection while you sleep

During the day, use Tears Naturale® P.M., or one of the other products in the Tears Naturale® line of products for the relief of dry eye.